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Jaws training destroys 4 cars - GFD - 11/21/2006


Jaws training destroys 4 cars

One Lincoln Continental, Toyota Sienna, Toyota MR2 and Nissan Altima reduced to scrap metal all in the name of training.

Front row - l to r - Deputy Chief Rick Clark, Captain Anthony "Tommy" Thomas, Fire Chief Sue Labrie, Captain Steve Mollison
Second row - l to r - Firefigher Allan Beals, Firefighter Jim Lyons, Firefighter Sarah Healy, Firefighter Bill Nugent
Third row - l to r - Lieutenant Bob Labrie, Fire/Police Norman Hathaway, Firefighter Jason Dyer, Firefighter Brian Culver, Firefighter Dustin Culver
Back row - Firefighter Phil Judd

Firefighters use an Amkus cutting tool (a.k.a. the jaws) on the "C" post of this Lincoln Continental.  The "C" post supports the rear portion of the vehicle's roof.

Firefighter Brian Culver uses the Amkus cutting tool on the "B" post of the Lincoln Continental.  The "B" post is the center post between the front ("A" post) and rear ("C" post)  of the vehicle.  Firefighers Jason Dyer and Phil Judd look on.

Firefighter Brian Culver uses the Amkus spreader tool between the "A" and "B" posts of the Lincoln Continental.

Fire Chief Sue Labrie uses the Amkus cutters to take out the side view mirror.

Brian Mullison from Amkus Rescue Systems, walks through a demonstration of the new Amkus tools the department had just received while Firefighter Brian Culver and Jason Dyer look on.

Firefighter Jason Dyer used the Amkus spreader tool to pop the rear door of the Lincoln Continental off it's hinges.

Fire Chief Sue Labrie uses the Amkus cutting tool to make a relief cut in the rear post of the Toyota MR2.

(November 21, 2006)