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2 Bids for Goshen Fire Truck - Gazette - 11/28/2007


2 Bids for Goshen Fire Truck

Used by permission.  Copyright GazetteNET.com


GOSHEN - A New York-based firm submitted the apparent low bid for the town's new fire truck - more than $50,000 above the cost estimated this past spring.

Fire Chief Sue Labrie, accompanied by four members of the Fire Department's truck committee, opened the two bids for the fire truck at Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting.

Zwack, Inc. of Stephentown, N.Y., submitted a bid of $444,800, while the other bid, from Circle K Service in Midland, Mich., came in at $473,255.  In addition, Zwack promised delivery in a year or less.

The truck committee must now review Zwack's bid line by line, said Labrie, to make sure all the specifications the committee requested are met.  Labrie hopes to award the bid by Dec. 1.

Truck prices are expected to rise again at some point after Dec. 1.

And as Labrie noted, the prices have already gone up considerably even over the last year because of changes in emissions regulations and instability in the market in general.

When Labrie presented an appeal for a new fire engine at Town Meeting in the spring, the estimated cost of the truck was $390,000.

Labrie also received two bids for the equipment needed to outfit the new truck.  Labrie said the town expects to spend about $30,000 in equipment; the trucks come with the minimum of a ladder and an extinguisher.

Purchase of the truck will be partly funded by a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant of $325,000 that the town was awarded last summer.

The federal share of Goshen's grant amounts to $308,750.

The town is required to fund 5 percent of the grant cost, or $16,250.  The remainder of the money will come from the department's fire vehicle fund, said Labrie.

The new engine will replace a 1960 LaFrance engine that cost the town $19,000, said Kim Dresser, truck committee member.  In 1985, the town spent $100,000 for a fully equipped engine.

(Wednesday, November 28, 2007)