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Crane vs. Crown: Crown Wins - GFD - 02/08/2008


Crane vs. Crown: Crown Wins

Looking west towards George Propane.  The flatbed on the left of this picture is carrying the 10 wheels of the crane on the flatbed to the right of this picture.  In this photo, workers from Staten Island Towing Company had hooked chains from the back end of one trailer (the one with the wheels) to the front end of the flatbed that was stuck in an attempt to pull it free.  The result was a half dozen broken chains spewed across the highway.

Another look at the crane and where it became stuck.  This picture was taken on Route 112 looking towards George Propane.

Looking north towards Route 112.  This picture gives a good look at the crown in the road that the truck became grounded on.  The double yellow line is on Route 9.  The squiggly white line on the right of the picture was caused by one of the workers walking towards the front of the truck with his flashlight during this 15 second time exposure.  The mudflap of the tractor that was pulling the flatbed can barely be seen on the left of the picture.

A close-up look at the bottom of the flatbed that became stuck on the crown of Route 9.

One of the workers from Staten Island Towing peers at the underside of the low-boy trailer.  Pieces of broken chain from the earlier attempt to move the trailer can be seen in the roadway.

This picture was taken on Route 9 looing east towards Francis and Ruth Dresser's house and shows the direction the truck was heading.  The truck is coming out of Route 112 on the left and is heading towards Pittsfield on it's way back to Staten Island New York.

Looking South towards George Propane at the intersection of Route 9 and Route 112.  The tractor carrying the crane is not visible in this picture because it's turning right onto Route 9 westbound.  The pick-up truck on the left was one of the two escort vehicles from the Staten Island Towing Company. 

Police Chief Jeff Hewes talks with a worker from Harold's Towing while waiting for additional equipnment to arrive.  The Harold's Towing truck that can be seen to the right of this picture has a 40-ton towing capacity.  The crane weighed 139,000 pounds.

All's well that ends well.  In this photo, the wayward crane exits the GFD parking lot on it's way back to New York on Monday, February 18th - 10 days after first becoming stuck just up the road.

(Friday, February 8, 2008)