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Ghosts and Goblins Make Their Way to Haunted Firehouse - GFD - 10/30/2007


Ghosts and Goblins Make Their Way to Haunted Firehouse

GOSHEN - From Angels to Devils, Mummy's to Magicians, Super heroes like the Hulk, Batman and Superman to Witches and Builders - they were all attracted to the annual Haunted Firehouse sponsored by the Goshen Fire Department.

Visitors were first flagged down by a ghostly figure on Route 9 that motioned them into the parking lot.  If they dared to exit the safety of their own vehicles, they were then met outside by a smoldering S.A.F.E. house which emitted glowing lights and sounds from the grave.  Those who actually made it inside the firehouse were greeted by games of chance that challenged players to beat the odds to win prizes.  Some of those games included:

  • Magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe - players competed against each other by tossing game pieces at the board to win.
  • Spider Game - contestants closed their eyes and reached their hand into a bucket of spiders - 10 black, 2 pink.  The fortunate ones to pull out a pink one received a prize.
  • Pirates Treasure Game - participants threw a velcro ball onto a table of pirate coins and small candies.  If the ball stuck to a mini-candy you won that candy.  If the ball stuck to 3 coins, winners went home with a medium sized candy bar.
  • Ring Toss - One ring on the pole wins a candy prize or toy.
  • Wheel of Mis-fortune - Players spun the wheel.  Each space on the wheel contained instructions which players had to follow in order to get a prize.  Instructions included things like making a scary face, hopping on one foot, singing a song and showing off your best dance move.  Winners received their choice of a small toy or a bag of pretzels

Firehouse entrance

Fire Chief Sue Labrie greets visitors brave enough to travel through the portal of the unknown (otherwise known as the entrance to the firehouse).    In spite of being stalked by a ghost, Goshen Town Treasurer Kim Bissell (in red hair and green face) survived to live another day.

Evening entertainment

Entertainment for the evening was provided by (front row - l to r) Superman and Firefighter Ted Davidson, The Devil herself in red, Hannah Labrie.  (middle row - l to r) The Corpse Bride Sarah Labrie, Gypsy Madelyn Davidson and Witch Alyssa Labrie.  (back row - l to r) Chris Dresser in camoflauge and the Devil's mother, Chief Sue Labrie.

An angel's smile

This little angel seems to be just as happy with her glow in the dark necklace that was handed to every child daring enough to enter the haunted firehouse.

Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder's little helper looks to be sizing up his next project as he sucks down just one of the many night's treats.

Doctor and patient

Dr. Cece Thomas (grandaughter of firefighter Tommy Thomas) along with Mummy (and former patient of Dr. Thomas) Amber Batchelder take a moment to pose at the edge of the haunted forest before venturing on to one of the many stations that had been set up. 

True reflections

Many of those daring enough to peer into the mysterious mirror hanging on the wall found true reflections of their inner selves staring back at them.  Department members were shocked to see the beloved chief depicted in this manner.

(Wednesday, October 31, 2007)