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Box Alarm – Wildwood Lane

GOSHEN, MA – Goshen firefighters responded to 3B Wildwood Lane at 0811 hours yesterday morning for a report of smoke in the building.

Chesterfield Fire staged at the Spruce Corner restaurant while firefighters investigated the source of the smoke. The homeowner reported hearing a crackling noise coming from the stove pipe and seeing enough smoke in the room that the smoke detectors were activated.

A thermal imager was used to check for extension in the walls adjacent to a wood stove in the living room. Firefighters also used the device to check the second floor and attic space around the chimney for hot spots. Finding none, attention was focused on the stove pipe which was dismantled after extinguishing the fire that was still burning in the stove.

Based upon the condition of a connecting sleeve of the stove pipe, it appeared that a hot fire caused paint on the outside of the pipe to begin smoking.  The homeowner was advised to contact the stove installer for follow up.

National Grid and Highland Ambulance personnel also responded to the scene as per protocol. Goshen’s Highway crew was also called in at our request to sand the roadway leading to the cluster of homes on Wildwood Lane for the safety of the first responders due to icy conditions.

We would like to express our gratitude to firefighters who left bacon cooking on the stove, put down their hunting rifles, postponed doctors appointments, delayed trips and essentially set aside a few hours Saturday morning to answer the call for help.

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