House Fire Leaves Couple Homeless

Source: Union-News (Springfield, MA) Author: CAITLIN ROTHER CUMMINGTON, MA – An engaged couple was left homeless yesterday morning after a fire tore through their wood frame house, killing two puppies, nine newborn kittens and two of their three mother cats. Four 10-week-old puppies, seven one-week-old kittens and one nursing mother cat survived the fire. Officials believe […]

Road Crews Sever Cables for Phones

Source: Union-News (Springfield, MA) Author: WILLIAM FOSHER; RAY KELLY NORTHAMPTON, MA – Crews working on the reconstruction of King Street yesterday afternoon severed a fiber-optic cable that provides long-distance service to Hamsphire County and sections of Franklin County. The accident disrupted access to emergency dispatch services in western hilltowns of Hampshire County, which call an Amherst-based […]

Auction Falls Short of $10,000 Target

Union-News (Springfield, MA) Author: RICHARD NADOLSKI GOSHEN, MA – An attempt to raise $10,000 for the purchase of two-way radios for emergency medical technicians in the towns of Goshen, Chesterfield and Williamsburg fell short this weekend, but subsequent events are planned to make up the shortfall. Goshen Fire Chief Francis Dresser said the drive toward the […]