“God Bless Dennis Thatcher”

PLAINFIELD, MA – With those words, Assistant Chief David Alvord ended the eulogy he gave for his friend and a man he had served with for the past 43 years.

Firefighters from far and wide paid their respects to Chief Thatcher and his family yesterday during his funeral services. Dennis joined the department at the age of 16. He later became chief when he was just 27 years old and held the post for 34 years.

Plainfield's Assistant Fire Chief David Alvord approaches the Plainfield Congregational church carrying the helmet of Fire Chief Dennis Thatcher. He is followed by Theresa Thatcher (wife of Dennis Thatcher) and Dennis' sister Denise Sessions.
Dennis Thatcher's Funeral
Every seat in the Plainfield Congregational church was filled while an overflow crowd listened to the service over loudspeakers that had been placed outside.

Assistant Chief Alvord went on to share a moment he experienced the last time he saw his friend down at Baystate shortly before he passed. “He had tubes everywhere and lines everywhere. He and I made eye contact. He looked at me and did…” At this point, Dave gestured to the assembly with a thumbs up as if to suggest that Dennis wasn’t done and that he was fighting his cancer to the end.

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Ashes of Chief Dennis Thatcher are carefully transferred to Cummington's Engine One for his final ride to the cemetery.
Cummington's Engine One, a 1942 Mack driven by Cummington Asst. Fire Chief Dennis Forgea, prepares to carry members of the Plainfield Fire Department and Chief Dennis Thatcher's ashes up Route 116 on it's way to Hilltop Cemetery on North Central Street.
Plainfield Asst. Fire Chief David Alvord, carrying Fire Chief Dennis Thatcher's helmet, leads the procession of mourners up Route 116 onto North Central Street to Hilltop Cemetery.

The legacy left by Chief Thatcher to the Town of Plainfield and the many Hilltown’s of western MA that he served so well will be measured in decades.

Members of the Goshen Fire Departement were honored to attend the funeral services for Chief Dennis Thatcher of the Plainfield MA Fire Department.

Rest easy, Dennis. We’ll take it from here.

MA State Police Dispatcher Mike Perkins deserves the credit for providing us with this moment. His calm but strong delivery gives credit to his profession.

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