Goshen Gets Modern Fire Engine After 168 Years

500-Gallon Triple Combination Due by Sept. 1; Brand New Firehouse Nearing Completion

Source: Daily Hampshire Gazette

Goshen – Aug. 29 – The Town of Goshen, incorporated 168 years ago, is about to receive delivery of its first piece of fire-fighting apparatus.  Delivery has been promised on or before Sept. 1.

Used Hand Extinguishers

For many years the only means of fighting fires in this town has been hand extinguishers, one of which was provided by the town for each home.  Now the local fire laddies will have the means at hand with which to control and extinguish fires of about any magnitude from grass fires to dwelling blazes.

Starting a few years ago Goshen began to make ready for the day when modern fire-fighting equipment would be available by raising money to dig “fire holes” in various parts of the town.  The last of nine such holes recently was completed.  These “fire holes” will make available a reasonably adequate supply of water for pumping purposes.

A new engine house is nearing completion on Main St.  The land on which it stands was presented to the Goshen Fire Association by Otis Webb.  The building is 30 by 40 feet and the foundation and first story, of concrete blocks, have been put in by Philip Bell of Florence.  One carpenter has been engaged, but the balance of the work is being done by volunteer labor.

New Fire House

The second story of the fire house will be of wood.  It will contain a recreation room, kitchen, office, and rest rooms.  Officers of the Fire Association are: President, Stewart Mollison; treasurer, H. Gordon Newell; secretary, Francis Dresser.  Chief of the Fire Department and fire warden is Thomas Barrus.

The new fire engine, which has been in use in the Town of Maynard, is a triple-combination pumper.  The main pumping unit, a single-phase centrifugal pump, has a rated capacity of 500 gallons of water a minute.  In addition there is a booster pump, connected with a tank which carries 100 gallons of water. The booster hose reel carries 150 feet of three quarter inch hose.

Other equipment on the apparatus includes 1,000 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose, 200 feet of 1 1/2 inch hose, suction hose with box strainer, electric lanterns, pony extinguishers, siren and blinker light.

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