Group Has Plan For $1000 Raised

Source: Daily Hampshire Gazette

Goshen – Feb. 3 – An article in the warrant for the annual town meeting Feb. 14, calls for action or appropriation relative to the purchase of firefighting equipment.  This question has been under consideration since 1945 and in 1946 $200 was voted for chemical fire extinguishers to be placed in private homes and an appropriation of $500 voted to make water holes in various sections of the town.

A committee comprised of John Hills, Edgar Judd and Charles Brooks previously appointed, reported on they investigation of fire-fighting equipment and made a motion to purchase a fire truck, but the motion was lost.  Another $500 was voted for water holes in 1948 but no committee appointed to spend it so it has not been used.

An interested group of men, however, which includes H. Gordon Newell, Sidney Sears, Harold Mollison, Stewart Mollison, Anthony Thomas, Otis Webb and Francis Dresser, have over a period of years been conducting dances and making money in various ways until now have over $1,000.  They state there are several brooks, some suitable wells and three water holes especially for fire purposes that can be used.  This year they will recommend the purchase of a second-hand fire truck for $2,000, in which case they will use their $1,000 for equipment for the truck.

The Women’s Club will meet Tuesday in the hall, when Mrs. Howard Harry will be chairman of a valentine party.  Hostesses will be Mrs. Theron Deway, Mrs. Henry Packard, Mrs. Anthony Thomas, Mrs. George Decker, Mrs. Richard Culver and Mrs. Waldemar Packard.

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