Plunge for a Purpose

GOSHEN, MA – There are many benefits to being a volunteer – one of which is hanging out with a cool group of people who went for a swim in the waters of Upper Highland Lake at the D.A.R. State Forest here in Goshen all for a good cause.

No, I mean it, they were really cool – especially when they got out of the near-freezing water.

The Goshen Fire Department first got to know Karen Foster and Sue Tracy (The Executive and Program Director, respectively, of All Out Adventures) almost 10 years ago when the van they were driving caught fire on Route 112 here in Goshen. Removing the specialized equipment from the back of the van after the fire made us realize that we weren’t dealing with your run-of-the-mill people who drive around with bikes in their van. This group promotes ‘outdoor recreation for people of all abilities’.

Today’s ‘Plunge for Adventure’ raised over $15,000 for the group towards future programs for people with disabilities, seniors and veterans.

In this video, Christopher Lee and his dog Ellie get creative with a surf board and stole the hearts of the crowd. Watch to the end to see the epic slow-motion water shake out from Ellie.

Thanks to Monica, Dillon and Adrian Neveu who cut the ice yesterday with the help of Steve Estelle. Today’s in-water support was provided by Dillon Neveu and Bob Labrie.

Video courtesy of Goshen Fire Chief Sue Labrie – a master of her iPhone camera.

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