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Into the Woods - 2019
Curtains - 2018

A message from the HRHS Musical boosters: 

Hampshire Regional High School (HRHS) serves the towns of Chesterfield, Goshen, Southampton, Westhampton and Williamsburg.

Since our first production of Fiddler on the Roof in 2008, an enormous amount of student, school and community effort has been used to produce some of the best high school musical theatre in the region.  The educational benefits are profound and with life-long impact.  We – and all those before us who put their time, donations and sweat equity – are immensely proud of raising resources and making magic out of what we have.  And we need to address some doable yet impactful changes.  All of these still require volunteer time and labor in addition to money raised to make it happen and include lighting, microphones, flooring and sound fixes.

Fiddler on the Roof - 2017
Peter Pan - 2016

During shows, when there aren’t enough mics, or a light can’t reach the action, our kids literally, can’t be seen or heard.  The fan cooling the electrical closet (poor original design) drowns out sound making it hard for the actors to hear on stage and can compromise the sound pickup on mics.  Adding marley flooring would be that much better to support movement theatre in all its potential.  And finally, the drama room needs a facelift capable of keeping the resources organized and the room accessible.

Little Shop of Horrors - 2015
Sound of Music - 2014

Our total need is $21,600 which would help purchase twelve body microphones, two moving lights, flooring and construction fixes for the electrical closet and drama room.  If you already support our musical theatre program though advertisements and other ways, THANK YOU!  We are asking for one-time contributions of any size for this campaign to help our kids be seen and heard in ways that will benefit the next generation of emerging artists on and off stage.

All contributors will be listed in a special thanks on social media and in the program for our upcoming production of Into the Woods, where your support can be seen and heard in the communities where you and your businesses thrive.

For more information, contact Sarah Christiansen (cell413-775-3858)

Checks can be made out to HRHS.

Anything Goes - 2013
Guys & Dolls - 2012
Bye Bye Birdie - 2011
The Wizard of Oz - 2010
Music Man - 2009
Music Man - 2009
Fiddler on the Roof - 2008