20th Annual SAFE Day at New Hingham

CHESTERFIELD, MA – For the first time in three years, students and staff gathered for a day of learning with firefighters and EMTs.  New Hingham’s 20th SAFE day took place last Friday with members of the Chesterfield Fire Department, Goshen Fire Department, Highland Ambulance and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The special day was a closing to a full year curriculum of fire safety.  Firefighters taught three previous separate school days this year.  The SAFE curriculum and SAFE day are supported by a “SAFE GRANT” given by the Department of Fire Services.

Volunteers taught multiple stations designed to review concepts and familiarize students with community helpers.  Stations included:

  • Mini-muster – This includes a midnight alarm, hose and nozzle use and rescuing “Jeff” from a ‘burning’ building.
  • SAFE Trailer – a trailer which teaches home hazards and exit plans which simulates three common rooms in a house.
  • Hazard House – a small replica of a home used to teach home fire safety and hot spots.
  • 911 and Fire Safety Skills – firefighters discussed when to dial 911, “Stop, Drop, Roll and Cover”, “Get Low and Go”, and “Get Out, Stay Out”.  Most of these concepts were taught throughout the school year.
  • Firefighters Gear and SCBA Station – a firefighter will explain the importance of each piece of our gear as the gear is put on. Then younger students will be able to try on child-sized gear.
  • First Aid – EMTs will teach students what an ambulance does, stretcher usage, backboard purpose and stair chair.
  • Fire Engines – firefighters will allow students to touch, sit, and review all parts of a fire engine.
  • Outdoor Fire Safety – Tells the story of Smokey Bear and teaches how to safely have and extinguish an outdoor camp fire.
  • Wildfires – firefighters will review a brush truck and its purpose.  Students will practice wildfire suppression with a charged hose line.
Thank you to everyone that participated.  We look forward to next school year.

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