289 Years of Dedication: Fire Chiefs Celebrate Deputy Chief’s Retirement

289 Years of Service – Chief’s Celebrate Retirement

Once a month regardless of season, members of the Goshen, Chesterfield, and Williamsburg fire departments get together to drill. Last nights ‘drill’ included hot dogs, hamburgers, kettle corn, cake, and kickball. The real reason we got together was to celebrate the retirement of Goshen’s Deputy Chief Kim Dresser.

I was reminded by a friend that there were a lot of fire chiefs in the crowd. I knew what I needed to do.

After we finished our meals, I did my best to herd a reluctant group of individuals together for a group photo.

We all know of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Every now and then, we need to be reminded of the people that allow us to enjoy that beauty.

Better yet, take the time to show your appreciation for the many men and women that continue to serve their communities that go unnoticed. I often say that volunteer firefighters get ‘paid’ when the people they serve say thank you. Find out when your local fire department gets together to drill. Bake them some cookies. Send them a fruit basket. Make a donation to support the department. Or just simply say thank you.

From left to right with years of service:

  • Chief Cam Lacey (Goshen) – 16
  • Chief Jason Connell (Williamsburg) – 30
  • Chief Dave Hewes (Chesterfield) – 35
  • Chief Gilman Smith (Chesterfield – Retired) – 49
  • Chief Sue Labrie (Goshen – Retired) – 32
  • Chief Winnie Bancroft (Chesterfield – Retired) – 54
  • Chief Bernie Forgea (Cummington – Retired) – 62
  • Chief Adam Dragon (Cummington) – 11

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