Goshen, MA – On Wednesday evening (6:23pm, Nov 30th),Goshen Firefighters and other area departments were called to locate a missing hunter. Goshen Brush 1, Rescue 1, and ATV/UTV were dispatched. Several teams completed both hasty and line searches in high likelihood areas. Searchers continued until approximately 1:15 am and then returned to station for preparations to search with daylight.

Search continued throughout Thursday with responders completing many high probability line searches in the Lily Bog area. Responders continued the entire day and ended operations due to darkness.

On Friday morning the search continued in remaining sections. Prior to 10 am rescuers found, accessed and determined that the hunter had passed. All rescuers worked multiple shifts in difficult/dangerous conditions.

We extend our condolences to the hunter’s family and friends.

Goshen Firefighters would like to thank the following agencies for aid in the recovery:

Goshen Police

Chesterfield Fire

Chesterfield Police

Williamsburg Fire

Northampton Control

Western Mass Tech Rescue

Massachusetts State Police

Department of Fire Service

Department of Conservation and Recreation

Massachusetts Environmental Police

Hampshire County Sheriff’s Department

And the many other individuals that assisted. Our apologies if we missed mentioning anyone.

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