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Choose Not To Use – SAFE Training at New Hingham

CHESTERFIELD, MA – ‘CHOOSE NOT TO USE’ – that was the theme of a lesson on Tobacco Awareness that was taught to New Hingham Regional Elementary school students today by Goshen Fire Chief Sue Labrie and Firefighter Jonathan Schwaiger.

Since careless disposal of smoking material is the #1 cause of fatal house fire deaths in Massachusetts, it’s easy to make a connection between tobacco use and firefighting.

As students from Ms. Robillard’s 5th grade class walked into the room, every third person in the line received a card. In this photo, each person with a card was asked to raise their hand. This is when they were told that 1 out of every 3 people who smoke will die of a smoking related illness.

Today’s event was made possible by a Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) grant received by the department earlier in the year. The SAFE program was originally funded by a $0.25 a pack tax on cigarettes.

SAFE Training at New Hingham Regional Elementary School
Goshen Fire Chief Sue Labrie shows students a prop called "Mr. Gross Mouth" to illustrate the dangers of chewing tobacco.
SAFE Training at New Hingham Regional Elementary School
Goshen firefighter Jonathan Schwaiger and Chief Sue Labrie show students how tobacco companies advertising tries to trick young people into thinking that smoking is cool, attractive and socially acceptable. The lesson being taught is that smoking is none of these things.

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