Drill Starts House Fire

Chesterfield, MA – Mutual Aid for House Fire

On Saturday, April 8th, Goshen firefighters were training at a local home that was donated due to eventual demolition.  At noon a mutual aid call for a house fire in Chesterfield on Bryant St. was dispatched from Northampton Control.

Our firefighters, already in gear, rushed to the station to respond in Engine 2. Engine 2 was kept in service just-in-case of an emergency.  Engine 7 was used for training and had many displaced tools/depleted air bottles.

Five firefighters and Chief arrived at the scene ready to go. Engine 7 arrived shortly afterwards due to remaining firefighters efforts to redeploy after training.

Along with other area departments, the house fire was suppressed and searched. Several pets were rescued from the hone by search crews and the efforts of Highland Ambulance. Firefighters stayed on scene and suppressed several continuing hot spots.

Engines and gear were back at the station and ready at 5 pm. Our local departments perform exceptional well at the scene.

The cause of the fire was determined to be a cordless drill battery that had self ignited.

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