Driver Hits Tree After Swerving to Miss Deer

GOSHEN, MA – Goshen firefighters, MA State Police and Highland Ambulance personnel were called to the area of 620 East Street at 1431 hours yesterday for a report of a car into a tree.

When first responders arrived on scene, the driver of the car had already exited the vehicle.    

The driver, who was the lone occupant of the vehicle, stated that he lost control while trying to avoid hitting a deer.

The car clipped a maple tree before colliding head-on with another.  The force of the collision caused the airbags to be deployed.

Firefighters disconnected the battery and checked the car for leaking fluids but found none.

Highland Ambulance personnel received a signed patient refusal from the driver.

MA State Police remained on scene until a tow truck could remove the vehicle.


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