Fire alarm sounding – Goshen Town Office – Twice

GOSHEN, MA – At 20:16 hours on Sunday, August 30th, Goshen firefighters responded to 40 Main Street in Goshen for a commercial fire alarm activation that was called in by the alarm company.

After accessing the building, firefighters opened the fire alarm access panel to see that a pull station had been activated. We looked at each pull station we could access and none had been “pulled”.  A sweep of the building, both inside and out, was also conducted with our thermal image camera to identify any unusual heat signatures.
The alarm was reset and appeared to be working properly before units were put back in service.
At 22:58, we responded a second time for the same alarm activation. Once again, a complete sweep of the building was made. When nothing was found, the building custodian, alarm system technician and the Town Administrator were notified that the alarm was being silenced and that it should be inspected the following day.

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