Firefighters Tied in Knots

In the photo above, Chesterfield Fire Captain Jack Gougeon is so fast at tying his clove hitches that the camera’s shutter struggles to capture his hands manipulating the rope.

WILLIAMSBURG, MA – How many firefighters does it take to tie a ladder?  Oh wait.  Wrong joke.

Members of the Chesterfield, Goshen and Williamsburg fire departments were training tonight, ropes in hands, for a refresher on knots and how to use them to hoist tools. Bowlines, figure eights on a byte, figure eight follow throughs, clove hitches, girth hitches, safety knots and the knot of the night ‘the bowline dragon’. Ask your favorite local firefighter to show you that one. Here, firefighters practice tying clove hitches to the rail of a roof ladder.

Tri-town Drill in Williamsburg
(Left side of ladder) Andy Christian, Ange Weaver, Myke Welch, Darryl Springman, Jim Lyons and Jonathan Schwaiger. (Right side of ladder) Riley Liptak, Drew Morse, Sue Labrie, Alice Aughe-Redfern,Don Turner, Jason Connell and Bob Lapointe (drinking coffee).

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