Goshen’s Finest Participate in Town’s Covid Halloween Parade

GOSHEN, MA – Follow the GFD as it ‘marches’ in this years Halloween festivities. Due to the pandemic, participants were asked to meet at the town parking lot where they could decorate their cars for the parade.
Donations of candy and school supply were accepted by the Goshen Police Department and Town Clerk in advance of the event. Bags of goodies were handed out at the end of the route by parade coordinators Jess Judd and Jeff & Donna Hewes.
The parade worked its way through town on the following streets:
    •   East Street
    •   Route 9
    •   South Main Street
    •   South Chesterfield Road
    •   Pond Hill Road
    •   Bissell Road
    •   West Street
    •   South Main Street
    •   Route 9
Along the route, numerous costumed homeowners greeted participants with smiles and waves.
Our thanks to Jess Judd, Jeff Hewes and Donna Hewes for coordinating this effort. 
Video snippets provided by Alyssa Labrie.

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