Remote Woods Rescue: Firefighters and Highland Ambulance Extricate Lost Couple

Goshen, Ma – Last night at 8:53 pm Goshen firefighters responded to aid in a search and rescue for two lost individuals. The first individual had left in the afternoon and not returned home. A significant other searched and located the individual but was lost as well.

State and local police initiated a search. They found the couple but needed assistance with extrication due to remoteness and injuries to one of the individuals.

Goshen Fire along with Highland Ambulance hiked into the woods. One individual was assessed and strapped into a Stokes basket to be carried out by a team of rescuers. The rescue was hampered by marsh, fallen trees and rocky terrain.

Early into the removal, Williamsburg Fire was called for additional personnel and met the team about halfway to aid in the carry.

Both individuals were assisted out of the woods and assessed by Highland Ambulance.

All Goshen personnel and apparatus were back in quarters by 12:15 am.

We would like to thank the follow agencies for their part in responding:
1. Northampton Control
2. Massachusetts State Police
3. Williamsburg Police
4. Williamsburg Fire
5. Highland Ambulance

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