The Chainsaw / ATV / Rescue Crew

Goshen firefighters recently spent their Tuesday night combining service to our community with a rescue drill and a little bit of practice with our ATV’s.
Tilton Town Farm Trail Map
The drill took place on the South Loop trail at the Tilton Town Farm (located on Wing Hill Road). Recent storms had brought down trees which blocked the trail. The work crew walked the trail and used chain saws to clear them and made the trail passable again.
Junior firefighter (and patient) Michaela Rock is strapped into our stokes basket and carried out of the woods during our drill on the South Loop trail.

While we were there, we also practiced assessing, loading and carrying a patient out of the woods as a team using a stokes basket. Since we live in a heavily wooded area blanketed with walking, biking and snowmobile trails, this is a skill we’ve put into action on several occasions.

From left to right: Emily Godden, Dillon Neveu, Nate Godden, Keith Wright (kneeling), Cam Lacey, Connor Lacey (in green helmet), Jillian Lacey, Monica Neveu, Bob Labrie, Sue Labrie, Francis Dunham, West Williams, River Williams, Hannah Labrie and Michaela Rock.

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